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How do I find a wholesale garment vendor to start my business?

How do I find a wholesale garment vendor to start my business?


If you’re just starting a retail shop, these are some ways to find trustworthy vendors to supply your store:

Attend Garment Trade Shows: If you are new to the business, trades shows are one of the best ways to start building out your vendor list. Meeting wholesale owners in person helps you get a good idea of who's been in the industry a long time and are reputable. Trade shows will also give you opportunities to network with fellow retailers and obtain recommendations. 

Initiate Phone Contact: If you are searching online or through vendor directories and find a vendor you are interested in, initiate your first contact through phone rather than email. Establishing and maintaining a good relationship with your supplier is essential to your business. Contacting them by phone will give you a chance to get a better idea of who's behind the store front. If they are not able to give you clear answers to questions such as minimum order requirements and shipping policy, it might a be good idea to move on to another option.

Search for Local Vendors: Take a trip out to your local wholesale vendors! Simply search for your niche products and add your zip code or city to make a list of potential suppliers. Going in person to see products and wholesale owners yourself is a great opportunity to see the quality of goods and services. You can also check out online wholesale directories to find local vendors.

Talk to Brand Clothing Manufacturers: If you have a clothing brand that you like, contact them! Many brand manufactures are selling wholesale today. But if their purchase requirement is higher than what you need, ask for recommendations for vendors. They should be able to refer you to reliable wholesalers that fit your bill。

Ask for References: In order to get a better idea of a vendor's reliability, reach out to the vendor and ask for references. Directly speaking with a vendor's existing customers will help you verify whether or not they are consistent in pricing, shipping, quality, and brand. A thorough research of your suppliers will help you in the long run and minimize the risk of partnering with unreliable businesses

Make sure you do your homework before partnering with a vendor!

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