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How to choose yoga clothes for beginners?

How to choose yoga clothes for beginners?


Yoga has a lot of full-body stretching movements, and not just a few angles of movement, so if you are wearing cotton and linen loose comfortable clothing, although it is very ventilated, comfortable, but sometimes it will be because the fabric is not elastic, there is a sense of binding hands and feet. In addition, because our movements may have shoulder inversions, head down and feet up posture, if the clothing is too loose, there will be a dilemma of slipping down, but let the abdomen or legs exposed, if sweat is more likely to make the body cold, the loss is not worth it. The cut of yoga clothes is based on yoga movements, which is not overly loose and has enough elasticity to ensure the completion of various stretching movements during yoga asanas, which can largely enhance the overall comfort of yoga practice.

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