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How was your clothing order completed?

How was your clothing order completed?


1. Initiate an inquiry about our products. After browsing our official website and Alibaba store, find your favorite product and initiate an inquiry, our business manager will provide you with the best price and service.

2. Design according to your requirements. After paying for the order, we will carefully communicate the details with you, confirm the fabric, logo craftsmanship, accessories, etc. of the clothes, and then start to draft the design on the computer as required.

3. Fabric cutting. Buy back the fabric according to the design and cut it.

4. Logo printing. Logo printing on the cut fabric. Common printing processes include heat transfer, silk screen printing, digital printing, embroidery and so on.

5. Sewing. Sewing all the cut pieces with the logo printed on them to shape the clothes.

6. The thread ends of the clothes are trimmed, and the sewn clothes are sent to be trimmed to make the clothes look better overall.

7. Ironing. Iron the clothes to make them flat and clean.

8. Final inspection. Perform an overall inspection of the clothes to check whether there are major problems, including thread end, size, and logo craftsmanship.

9. Packaging. Pack each piece of clothing, fold each piece of clothing, put it in dry paper, and stick the label you provided.

10. Packing and transportation. Put the packed clothes in a box, you pay the balance and freight, and deliver it to your hand by DHL, FedEx, air freight, sea freight, etc.

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