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Sportswear Fabric

Sportswear Fabric


Sportswear Fabric

  • ◪  1. Polyamide Nylon: It has far better performance than early nylon, and it has the disadvantages of poor gas permeability and non-wear resistance. It can quickly absorb sweat from the body and evaporate from its surface.

  • ◪  2. Functional fiber: This new fiber is lighter and softer than traditional chemical fibers.

  • ◪  3. PTFE waterproof and translucent laminated fabric This fabric can breathe like human skin, the excess water vapor is exported to the outside world, and isolated from the invasion of the outside world, the mystery lies in as many as 700 million micro-square centimeters per square centimeter hole.

  • ◪  4. Coolmax fiber: This fiber type is becoming a big selling point in the market. The cross-section of the fiber is a unique flat cross shape, forming a four-slot design that can more quickly evaporate the sweat, known as the fiber with advanced cooling system. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese table tennis team won gold in Sydney and wore clothes made of Coolmax fiber.

  • ◪  5. Silicone resin: everyone is no stranger, such as "shark skin swimsuit", "fast skin" and other sportswear, their main body is composed of silicone resin film.

  • ◪  6. Lycra: It is also a material we are very familiar with. Its use has long exceeded the scope of sportswear, but it is an indispensable material in sportswear. This kind of artificial elastic fiber, its anti-pull characteristics and the smoothness after woven into clothes, the closeness to the body, and the great stretchability are all ideal sports elements. The tights and sportswear worn by athletes They all contain Lycra ingredients, and because of the use of Lycra, some sportswear companies have proposed the concept of "energy maintenance."

  • Now we have similar lululemon soft fabric, good for legging and bra design , Lightweight. 4-Way Stretch, skin friendly feel,breathable, elastic, soft and comfortable feature.

    Welcome contact us try use this fabric for your design.

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