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Traditional Chinese Tie Dye

Traditional Chinese Tie Dye


Tie-dyeing has a long history in the Chinese folks. It is a printing and dyeing technique that twists parts of dyed fabric to make it impossible to color uniformly. The technique of ligation is ever-changing and interesting. People can use yarn, thread, rope and other combinations to dye the fabric, and then remove the twisted threads one by one to form different shades and distinct levels of color halo. And wrinkle prints.

Tie-dyeing is one of the best in traditional printing and dyeing crafts. It has always been embellished in people's lives with an unpretentious, natural and interesting posture. It is not easy to be noticed but can release a charming splendor. The tie-dyed fabric has both a vigorous and simple beauty, but also a flowing modern beauty; it has both a well-proportioned texture and a complex blend of beauty.

Tie-dye technology is widely used in clothing, wall hangings, curtains, carpets, bedspreads, etc., presenting many classical and modern artistic creations. As one of the epitome of history and culture for thousands of years, tie-dyeing technology is still prosperous today and is widely used in Japan, India, Cambodia, Thailand and other places.

China Bless garment manufacturers have been proficient in the tie-dyeing process for several years, and can provide each buyer with the best tie dye fabrics. They can produce tie dye yoga pants, tie-dye Tshirts, tie-dye sportswear, tie-dye yoga sets, etc., please contact us!

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