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How to buy yoga clothes?

How to buy yoga clothes?


There are many yoga clothes on the market, it is important to choose according to your own needs, otherwise it is easy to be dazzled, in general, it is important to pay attention to the following points when picking yoga clothes.

1, budget: yoga clothing price is a gap, from entry to high-end are available, according to their own needs, determine a good budget, in the budget of the brand to pick, so as not to pick chaos, but also more suitable for themselves, such as newcomers just started can choose to enter the door cost-effective.

2, the fabric should be comfortable and breathable: that is, to wear comfortable, practice yoga to avoid body sweating, breathability and perspiration is very important, so in the selection of yoga clothes, to see the fabric composition before choosing, wearing comfortable is very important.

3, design to simple fit: design try to choose simple and generous, so that when stretching action will not receive bound; practice yoga clothes fit is also very important, loose clothes loose is very inconvenient, inversion and other large movements may not be completed.

4, try to choose short-sleeved long pants: like a tank top although comfortable when practicing, but before and after practice, may be cold, easy to catch a cold, short-sleeved and long pants does not affect the exercise, but also can protect the body from cold, now on the market many yoga clothing sets are short-sleeved long pants with the principle.

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