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Industry tips: common fabrics of yoga wear

Industry tips: common fabrics of yoga wear


Quick-dry: Quick-dry fabric is a common fabric for sportswear, belongs to the double-layer structure fabric, the intimate layer is non-absorbent, but porous chemical fiber, the outside layer is an absorbent cotton blend. Generally more chemical fiber and polyester, this fabric will not stick to the body after sweating clothes, more comfortable.

Advantages: super volatile and absorbent, moisture dispersion and good warmth, keep the skin dry and fresh, and can play a better role in wind, rain and moisture protection.

Disadvantages: quick-drying fabric if 100% contains polyester fiber, as far as the human body wear feeling, not a comfortable state.


Odell fabric is a plant protein fiber, through a special process of high-grade fibers, and then cotton and this plant protein fiber textile composition of the fabric. It belongs to an environmentally friendly textile fabric.

Advantages: moisture absorption, moisture conductivity, elasticity, soft and breathable, draping and floating performance, light texture, smooth, not easy to shrink, easy to wash, quick dry.

Disadvantages: the fabric belongs to the natural fiber fabric, expensive, easy to buy fake goods.

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