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How to match yoga clothes?

How to match yoga clothes?


1. Although the yoga pants are comfortable to wear and show your figure, you can't choose the color randomly! Try to choose black or dark yoga pants, the same figure, the same version, wearing dark colors will definitely look thinner than light colors.

2. It's the beginning of summer. Yoga pants are a must-have item for this season. Navel-exposed yoga pants are slim and have long legs. Of course, they are only suitable for people with a slim body and a small waist.

3. In the early summer season, small suits are still the mainstream of outerwear. Paired with yoga pants are really very thin. Tucked into the waistband can also create high waist lines, which are thin and show long legs.

4. A short windbreaker with yoga pants is also a very good choice, suitable for a variety of different figures, you can use the jacket to cover the meat, visually it is also very thin! If you think small suits and windbreakers are too capable, you can try denim jackets with yoga pants, which will be more casual and make the temperament younger, suitable for student parties.

5. Sweater is a single product that is suitable for all seasons. The black sweater is matched with black yoga pants, with a wide upper and a narrow bottom, which visually reveals the long legs. If you feel that black is too monotonous, then change to a white sweater! The black and white contrast is simple and advanced, and choosing a style with printing can also make the temperament look younger. The stacking of sweaters and T-shirts is also super personality! Wear a white T-shirt inside the blue sweater, and choose black yoga pants as the base. The very comfortable color matching and the energetic sports style are very suitable for early summer. Speaking of stacking, all kinds of sweaters or jackets can be worn with yoga pants!

6. Short coat + vest + yoga pants, this way of wearing is more suitable for a fat figure, short coat + vest can not only look thin visually, but also can use the coat to cover the "fat" on the waist. It is really super practical!

7. Baseball uniforms are equipped with a mini vest + yoga pants, which are very suitable for running, exercising or leisure travel!

8. Shirt + yoga pants. In addition to T-shirts in summer, shirts are also a very popular item. Compared with T-shirts, shirts have a more prominent ability to cover meat. Especially for some babies with fat upper body, you may wish to try shirts with yoga pants. Right! The slimming effect will surely surprise you.

9. Oversized tops + yoga pants, finally I have to mention the "missing bottoms" way of wearing. Do many people think that this way of wearing must be bare-legged? Of course not. Oversized sweaters or T-shirts with yoga pants can also create a "missing underclothes" style. The upper is wide and the lower is narrow. It is super thin, especially for babies with a thicker waist, such as an apple-shaped figure. This way of wearing is simply Great!

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