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The reason why yoga should be designed to fit snugly?

The reason why yoga should be designed to fit snugly?


 Practicing yoga is generally not recommended that you choose loose fitting yoga clothes, because loose fitting clothes are really super inconvenient, and once you have taken a class, you know that the feeling is so unpleasant. Although loose yoga clothes in your horizontal and backbend asana is no problem, but you think about it, in case you want to invert and other anti-gravity asana, if loose what will happen and yoga pants are not recommended to choose loose, the best choice of shaping that kind. Because professional yoga pants can more easily see the muscle line, state and direction. The professional yoga pants are designed to combine with the stretching degree of the action of yoga itself. More to achieve the effect of training . Wearing too loose pants, then you will not be able to clearly see whether your knees are hyperextended, and whether the muscles of the big and small legs have subordinate rotation. And this is very bad for the practice of you.

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