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Why is yoga clothing important?

Why is yoga clothing important?


In fact, whether it is yoga, fitness or running and other kinds of sports, professional equipment is very important, such as yoga clothes, fitness clothing, running shoes, etc. have a certain function, not only can make your movement to achieve a more comfortable and natural state, but also can play a protective role to a certain extent, the importance of yoga clothing is mainly reflected in its role, then, wear yoga clothes contact yoga what role or advantages?

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1, conducive to stretching: yoga clothes fabric generally have stretching function, for the practice of yoga stretching is very important, will not bind the action, the clothes will not be loose because of the action amplitude.

2, conducive to perspiration: yoga clothes mostly use viscose fiber, nylon and other materials, this fabric is generally elastic, moisture wicking effect is better, everyday we wear cotton material is very unsuitable for yoga wear.

3, conducive to free activities: yoga clothes because of its fit, extension, and comfortable fabric, can let the body free movement, do a lot of sports are not restricted, so that the body and mind can really relax, the effect is better.

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